Evalution board's example.

Dependencies:   AQM0802A BME280 MPU9250_SPI SakuraIO gps mbed

Fork of SakuraIO_Evaluation_Board_Standard by SAKURA Internet Evalution board's sample program. Collecting the onboard sensors(GPS, 9axis motion sensor, Environment sensor), send to service.

Fuminori OKUHARA

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# SakuraIo Evaluation Board Standard

## Overview
This program is example code of [ Evalaution board](

### Functions

- Periodic measure from onboard sensors(period is 200ms)
  - Motion sensor(gyro, accelometer, magnetometer)
  - Environment sensor(temperatur, humidity, airpressur)
  - GPS(longitude, latitude, timestamp)
- Periodic send the measuring datas to platform(period is 300sec)
- Output the measured datas output to USB-Serial port
  - baudrate is 9600bps
- Can select on / off of periodic running with switch `SW5`

## Description
See the [Getting Started]( page.