lab 6

Dependencies:   ADXL362 mbed MPL3115A2


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33:5df68b9e96de 2018-03-09 htdoughe last tweaks to report default tip
32:f6664eade7fe 2018-03-09 htdoughe last code tweaks
31:c924aad0dc4b 2018-03-09 htdoughe report and code tweaks
30:9e127911409d 2018-03-08 htdoughe report and code
29:f328fa35e8eb 2018-03-08 htdoughe documentation of altimeter added to report.txt
28:0ed68c73dd28 2018-03-08 htdoughe pressure and temperature successfully recorded!
27:a4d5c85a55e1 2018-03-06 htdoughe ctlreg1 set
26:19823b051994 2018-03-02 htdoughe need to set sample time but otherwise it does work
25:ded2ac3f76e4 2018-03-01 htdoughe testing
24:a3370a714978 2018-03-01 htdoughe compiles; time to test
23:f9461117d7e3 2018-03-01 htdoughe compiles successfully; time to test
22:1cd3cb77ec07 2018-02-27 htdoughe errors but my computer's dying
21:b85d1a4f0373 2018-02-27 htdoughe maybe ok? computer will die and i forgot my charger so i'm pushing anyway
20:8d93acd1f8cd 2018-02-23 htdoughe full of errors but i have registers mapped
19:51b2b42a82f1 2018-02-23 htdoughe fixed issues with knocks
18:216cc41b55f3 2018-02-23 htdoughe bs
17:6a08357dbb3f 2018-02-23 htdoughe test on yours
16:993757c8b398 2018-02-23 htdoughe moving code around
15:5ce9c63e7da2 2018-02-23 htdoughe added knock count
14:0c2659ce7a8a 2018-02-22 htdoughe documentation done and revision issues dealt with
13:1cae1960370c 2018-02-22 htdoughe more documentation
12:c6b056ad171e 2018-02-22 htdoughe documentation written for virbration detection
11:5aba4ea23082 2018-02-22 rmneubau LED/vibration works
10:8dcc46dd53bf 2018-02-22 htdoughe declared variables
9:a14593af628d 2018-02-22 htdoughe vibration?
8:9c9d58ca2b79 2018-02-22 htdoughe triggering read on REVID
7:446c8e17a945 2018-02-22 htdoughe chang from 16 to 8
6:f05c72e636aa 2018-02-22 htdoughe print test
5:02aa71487c01 2018-02-22 htdoughe testing
4:8065ca897f8b 2018-02-22 htdoughe so many errors but i think i know where to go from here
3:813694e51f72 2018-02-20 htdoughe more comments, more skeletons
2:496a662be854 2018-02-20 htdoughe comments and skeletons
1:b8716571ecac 2018-02-20 htdoughe code comments and tests; - DEVID_AD val???
0:0f663d16e8a2 2018-02-20 rmneubau lab 6