An example of creating and updating a simple GATT Service using the BLE_API

Dependencies:   BLE_API mbed nRF51822 X_NUCLEO_IDB0XA1

This example creates and updates a standard Battery Level service, and a single GATT characteristic that contains the battery level.


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19:1e34f137b7ce 2016-09-20 Vincent Coubard Update libraries, add support for ST shield. default tip
18:8546914968b6 2016-04-11 vcoubard Update libraries to latest revision.
17:5afb0e5a48fc 2015-11-03 vcoubard Use proper API instead of deprecated ones; Update disconnection callback signature to the correct one; Add the LE_GENERAL_DISCOVERABLE into advertisement FLAGS; Use new BLE::init API of BLE API 2.xx
16:5cdd04cf1ed4 2015-06-20 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
15:175eb5d06c45 2015-05-11 rgrover1 Updating to the latest of the underlying libraries.
14:39b4b11d9cf5 2015-03-24 rgrover1 Updating underlying libraries.
13:60e095fe4b45 2014-12-16 rgrover1 minor re-ordering around the creation of BatteryService.
12:4024aa3f72b0 2014-12-15 rgrover1 minor improvement to the demo;; also updated underlying libraries to latest revision.
11:3de5441e80ee 2014-11-05 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
10:c66084d626ee 2014-09-30 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
9:e03630cd5009 2014-09-23 rgrover1 updating to the latest version of the underlying libraries.
8:45beed07b093 2014-09-22 rgrover1 updating to 0.2.0 of the BLE_API
7:85c603b950f3 2014-06-13 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
6:852d57796150 2014-06-12 rgrover1 updating to the latest of the underlying libraries.
5:77ad8d8dc9c5 2014-06-12 Rohit Grover removing un-necessary white space
4:5b64235d1b85 2014-06-12 Rohit Grover updating the batteryLevel example with new API
3:288b2baffd14 2014-01-16 ktownsend Updated to latest BLE_API version
2:a872df2e051e 2014-01-09 sam_grove Update BLE API
1:54fe327e5d0a 2014-01-09 ktownsend Updated to latest BLE_API library
0:395932faedf1 2014-01-09 ktownsend First commit