not working yet

Dependencies:   Motor_with_encoder MODSERIAL mbed HIDScope


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
19:8746a2c663f8 2017-11-01 MMartens pid control; default tip
18:5c4e27db4d9e 2017-11-01 MMartens PID works with position control;
17:ee159658326e 2017-10-31 EvB Set Kd to zero. Doesn't give very much different response. Pos1 and Pos2 still weird values.
16:1dd69f935b80 2017-10-31 EvB Control motor with EMG, inverse kinematics and proper control. Control can be tuned somewhat more.
15:207d01972e0b 2017-10-31 EvB Motor draait links naar recht op commando. Testen: hoek onverandert als we van state switchen.
14:7a95e57b5364 2017-10-30 EvB Everything put together, but isn't working.
13:acd120520e80 2017-10-30 EvB Implemented kinematics and movement description. Not tested at all, but compilable.
12:5be2001abe62 2017-10-27 vera1 trying to implement servocontrol. servo doesn't react yet
11:bda77916d2ea 2017-10-27 vera1 Switch implemented, works but motors rotate as well during double arm activation;
10:39a97906fa4b 2017-10-23 EvB Probeersel met overschrijven referentiepositie
9:d4927ec5862f 2017-10-23 EvB Motor controllable by EMG signal.
8:9edf32e021a5 2017-10-23 vera1 3 PID controlled motors with EMG partly implemented and working with leds. Maintickerfunction is added and works
7:809f122886ae 2017-10-23 vera1 trying to work with maintickerfunction, not working yet
6:fc46581fe3e0 2017-10-23 vera1 3 motors working with setpoint of potmeter
5:8c6d66a7c5da 2017-10-20 MMartens 2 motors
4:75f6e4845194 2017-10-19 MMartens PID working with three motors
3:e888f52a46bc 2017-10-16 MMartens Fully working, coefficients need optimisation
2:7c6391c8ca71 2017-10-16 MMartens Werkt niet goed
1:f3fe6d2b7639 2017-10-16 MMartens Weird behaviour at potvalue = 1; angle does not change
0:9167ae5d9927 2017-10-16 MMartens not working yet