B-L072 ST Board BMP280 LoRaWAN end node

Dependencies:   BME280

Temperature/Pressure LoRaWAN End Node


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
63:7b4427c6bded 8 months ago jorgehsmp BMP280 LoRaWAN Node default tip
62:078d66d985f8 10 months ago saranjay final 1.0;
61:d220d51ae9d8 10 months ago saranjay end node.
60:ff7a31e79593 10 months ago saranjay gateway comm.
59:23cc35ed9008 18 months ago mbed_official Updated build node (#169)
58:4d1114ac60aa 20 months ago mbed_official Merge pull request #166 from trowbridgec/add-ep-agora
57:36e87c44c920 21 months ago mbed_official Merge pull request #140 from bentcooke/add_sx126x
56:39847849d219 22 months ago mbed_official Merge pull request #159 from hugueskamba/master
55:6f2e16ebde99 22 months ago mbed_official Merge pull request #154 from itziardelatorre/update_IM880B
54:19d02b47e598 23 months ago mbed_official Merge pull request #153 from itziardelatorre/add_target_IM880B
53:1b6c71e938ac 2019-05-16 mbed_official Update lora_radio_helper.h
52:1bd775571014 2019-04-29 mbed_official add contributing file
51:9fe25b38ba28 2019-04-10 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.12.1
50:5293a23c7ba9 2019-03-12 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.11.5
49:699a601deb79 2019-03-06 mbed_official Merge pull request #127 from ARMmbed/toolchain_update
48:dfce67eca082 2019-02-13 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.11.4
47:b6d132f1079f 2019-01-27 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.11.2
46:a124538e2891 2019-01-10 mbed_official Docathon updates (#115)
45:7df71f7c950b 2019-01-03 mbed_official Merge pull request #114 from adbridge/master
44:d4ea1d610650 2018-11-19 mbed_official Merge pull request #110 from cmonr/master
43:dd5c0526343b 2018-11-06 mbed_official Merge pull request #108 from adbridge/master
42:e120f78b12d8 2018-10-24 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.10.2
41:ceea78461fbd 2018-10-12 mbed_official Updating Radio driver pointer
40:6a512236f805 2018-10-09 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.10.1
39:e4cd45fbd4f3 2018-10-09 mbed_official Removing US915_Hybrid build
38:315a26cd0165 2018-09-17 mbed_official Merge pull request #100 from ARMmbed/enable_armc6
37:5bc348e90af0 2018-09-11 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.9.7
36:08d94248181b 2018-09-10 mbed_official Disable some ciphers not needed by lora example application
35:462743fb571e 2018-09-03 mbed_official Merge pull request #97 from ARMmbed/jenkinsfile_update
34:2294e762257c 2018-08-27 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.9.6
33:3776745e4d93 2018-08-23 mbed_official Optimize mbedtls config
32:4e80b9d620ee 2018-08-16 mbed_official Update Lora driver
31:67780d4891a9 2018-08-14 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.9.5
30:955f64c04503 2018-07-31 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.9.4
29:0da9196c900a 2018-07-23 mbed_official Update latest Semtech drivers
28:950587b41ba3 2018-07-23 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.9.3
27:cea7485b914e 2018-07-03 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.9.2
26:f07f5febf97f 2018-06-28 mbed_official Using string to identify region rather than number
25:0f75546d3f3f 2018-06-19 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.9.1
24:b36f31f93938 2018-06-18 mbed_official Updating pointer to Mbed OS 5.9.0
23:2b0d9c892149 2018-06-07 mbed_official Fix correct target name for FF1705_L151CC
22:a4fc83409028 2018-06-06 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.8.6
21:41807073b52d 2018-05-25 mbed_official Update to latest radio drivers
20:2055271192d6 2018-05-22 mbed_official Region builder (#74)
19:6accf37de3ce 2018-05-22 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.8.5
18:1720bc3831ea 2018-05-15 mbed_official Remove usage of DEVICE_SPI and MBED_CONF_APP_LORAWAN_ENABLED flags
17:2fc16c1d6434 2018-05-11 mbed_official Remove unnecessary Serial object
16:8d460198a422 2018-05-10 mbed_official Updating mbed-os to mbed-os-5.8.4
15:6ae43b4082f8 2018-05-03 mbed_official Fix default application key
14:b25fefabb634 2018-05-02 mbed_official Murata crystal update (#64)
13:2f387d100e5b 2018-04-19 mbed_official Update radio drivers to latest version
12:5015dfead3f2 2018-04-18 mbed_official Reduce example application memory usage
11:7696b8844841 2018-04-11 mbed_official Merge pull request #57 from adbridge/master
10:b6d8d4e1cc57 2018-04-10 mbed_official Merge pull request #56 from ARMmbed/add_jenkinsfile
9:baf55b160f65 2018-03-29 mbed_official Update mbed lib to 5.8.1
8:7594ad70d2bf 2018-03-19 mbed_official Use Serial object for trace prints
7:2fc0e8a7b6f0 2018-03-16 mbed_official Merge pull request #48 from janjongboom/patch-1
6:d6016e907c7a 2018-03-13 mbed_official Reduced main stack size for Disco target
5:2a08c4ee1843 2018-03-13 mbed_official Update mbed-os.lib
4:df442e6af8cf 2018-03-11 mbed_official Update mbed-lora-radio-drv.lib