Samples of how to use the micro:bit DAL with mbed. This is a hg clone of the real git repo that can be found here:

Dependencies:   microbit

Fork of microbit-samples by Lancaster University

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 A collection of example programs using the micro:bit runtime.
+The source folder contains a selection of samples demonstrating the capabilities and usage of the runtime APIs.
+To select a sample, edit the `MicroBitSamples.h` file in the source folder and uncomment the line matching the
+sample you wish to use. Please be sure to note that only one sample is selected at a time.
 ## Overview
 The micro:bit runtime provides an easy to use environment for programming the BBC micro:bit in the C/C++ language, written by Lancaster University. It contains device drivers for all the hardware capabilities of the micro:bit, and also a suite of runtime mechanisms to make programming the micro:bit easier and more flexible. These range from control of the LED matrix display to peer-to-peer radio communication and secure Bluetooth Low Energy services. The micro:bit runtime is proudly built on the ARM mbed and Nordic nrf51 platforms.
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 ## BBC Community Guidelines
-[BBC Community Guidelines](
+[BBC Community Guidelines](
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