A collection of Analog Devices drivers for the mbed platform

For additional information check out the mbed page of the Analog Devices wiki: https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/mbed-drivers-all


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
33:c3ec596a29c2 2016-11-07 Adrian Suciu Added CN0391, CN0396 and CN0397 shields default tip
32:97d248e81e7f 2016-10-26 Adrian Suciu CN0398 - Added extra step in initialization
31:511c6ff17de3 2016-10-25 Adrian Suciu Removed unnecesary files
30:990ce210e8c2 2016-10-24 Adrian Suciu Added example and library for the CN0398
29:c693bdaac786 2016-08-18 Adrian Suciu Added missing doxygen tags
28:e24b911ddd7c 2016-08-18 Adrian Suciu Implemented basic daisychain support
27:3c32495708f4 2016-05-24 Paul Cercueil Add libserialport library for mbed OS
26:1b988c505139 2016-08-18 Adrian Suciu WIP on cn0391: 86ec328 Improved compatibility with Linux systems
25:b9e3756c9cbb 2016-08-18 Adrian Suciu index on cn0391: 86ec328 Improved compatibility with Linux systems
24:dae7123d432a 2016-05-18 Adrian Suciu Improved compatibility with Linux systems
23:174dd32fa661 2016-05-17 Dragos Bogdan EVAL_ADXL362_ARDZ: Rename folder to eval_adxl362_ardz
22:34a97378aab6 2016-05-17 Adrian Suciu Merge branch 'adxl362'
21:a8023e5e97be 2016-05-17 Adrian Suciu Created EVAL_ADXL362_ARDZ component and restructured code around it
20:9790e53d6e26 2016-05-17 Adrian Suciu Refactoring and Doxygen tags
19:fb92949e59c9 2016-05-17 Adrian Suciu Added ADXL362 driver & reference project
18:7d35420ff4aa 2016-05-05 Adrian Suciu Fixed header comments
17:b8356808e8ad 2016-04-29 Adrian Suciu Fixed code style and added doxygen tags
16:b8a49ec95bad 2016-04-29 Adrian Suciu Fixed timing issue on continous conversion
15:0484cba838c8 2016-04-29 Adrian Suciu Arranged inclusion order
14:ca5bf41ced84 2016-04-29 Adrian Suciu Merge branch 'cn0216'
13:66c8e4ce4ff1 2016-04-29 Adrian Suciu Added driver for AD7791 and example for CN0216
12:6998bcb62025 2016-04-29 Adrian Suciu Fix bug in SPI initialization - MISO DigitalIn overrides MISO SPI
11:2e67c719ce37 2016-04-21 Adrian Suciu Fixed filename case sensitivity issues
10:b210cc8d6d41 2016-04-21 Adrian Suciu Fix for DoxyGen on mbed API Documentation page
9:24df0f89be2e 2016-04-21 Adrian Suciu Modified .gitignore
8:6e96c6b3c83f 2016-04-20 Adrian Suciu Added license
7:b62398a1d17a 2016-04-20 Adrian Suciu Added drvdiag tool
6:74651acebcc7 2016-04-20 Adrian Suciu Removed unimplemented methods
5:9221918730aa 2016-04-20 Adrian Suciu Made SPI and chipselect instances private
4:5c1b28aff7e1 2016-04-19 Adrian Suciu Driver and application redesign
3:1a8c14043a4e 2016-04-01 Suciu Added license, file headers and fixed missing whitespaces
2:36a3230c38cf 2016-03-31 Suciu Makefile updated
1:c1f0670bb370 2016-03-30 Suciu Added CN0357-example project and related drivers
0:f4275700536f 2016-03-29 Michael Hennerich Initial commit