IIO Application Library


Auto generated API documentation and code listings for iio


iio_app_desc Application desciptor
iio_app_init_param Application initial configuration
iio_attribute Structure holding pointers to show and store functions
iio_ch_info Structure holding channel attributess
iio_channel Structure holding attributes of a channel
iio_device Structure holding channels and attributes of a device
iio_interface Links a physical device instance "void *dev_instance" with a "iio_device *iio" that describes capabilities of the device
iio_server_ops Iio interface for server read/write operations


iio.c [code] Implementation of iio
iio.h [code] Header file of iio
iio_app.c [code] Implementation of iio_app
iio_app.h [code] Header file of iio_app
iio_types.h [code] Header file for iio_types