Revised for integration

Dependencies:   QEI2 chair_BNO055 PID VL53L1X_Filter


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
26:e06e67411fc9 2019-06-26 t1jain Revised for integration default tip
25:58ec657a44f2 2018-10-27 jvfausto With odometry
24:d2f234fbc20d 2018-10-27 jvfausto PID values work for the chair
23:8d11d953ceeb 2018-10-16 jvfausto revision
22:fb99cce6b9b5 2019-04-19 jvfausto a
21:3489cffad196 2019-04-19 jvfausto a
20:f42db4ae16f0 2018-08-31 jvfausto j
19:71a6621ee5c3 2018-08-31 jvfausto h
18:663b6d693252 2018-08-29 jvfausto with pid left right and foward
17:7f3b69300bb6 2018-08-28 jvfausto with pid left, right and foward
16:b403082eeacd 2018-08-13 ryanlin97 small board;
15:ddd61f6dc5ab 2018-08-13 ryanlin97 changed for ros;
14:9caca9fde9b0 2018-08-13 ryanlin97 updated for small board;
13:7b7f85403b4e 2018-08-09 ryanlin97 library for all wheelchair controls
12:921488918749 2018-08-09 ryanlin97 incorporated pid and encoder;
11:d14a1f7f1297 2018-08-01 ryanlin97 fiddling with the turning to correct itself
10:e5463c11e0a0 2018-07-23 ryanlin97 working with turns
9:1a9eaf11d7be 2018-07-22 ryanlin97 updated
8:381a4ec3fef8 2018-07-22 ryanlin97 updated for mpu;
7:5e38d43fbce3 2018-07-22 ryanlin97 turning
6:0cd57bdd8fbc 2018-07-20 ryanlin97 using mpu9250 imu
5:e0ccaab3959a 2018-07-17 ryanlin97 imu added
4:29a27953fe70 2018-07-17 ryanlin97 beginning imu class
3:a5e71bfdb492 2018-07-16 ryanlin97 using joystick
2:c2d049efc266 2018-07-12 ryanlin97 switched mbed-os for mbed package and it compiles now;
1:c0beadca1617 2018-07-12 ryanlin97 symbol__user)perthread_libspace multiply defined(by /build/mbed-os.....)
0:fc0c4a184482 2018-07-12 ryanlin97 Symbol__user_perthread_libspace multiply defined compilation error;