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Dependencies:   QEI2 chair_BNO055 PID VL53L1X_Filter



File content as of revision 21:3489cffad196:

#ifndef wheelchair
#define wheelchair

/* Importing libraries into wheelchair.h */
#include "chair_BNO055.h"
#include "PID.h"
#include "QEI.h"
#include "VL53L1X.h"

#include <ros.h>
#include <geometry_msgs/Twist.h>
#include <nav_msgs/Odometry.h>

* Joystick has analog out of 200-700, scale values between 1.3 and 3.3
#define def (2.5f/3.3f)                 //Default axis on joystick to stay neutral; used on x and y axis
#define high 3.3f/3.3f                  //High power on joystick; used on x and y axis
#define low (1.7f/3.3f)                 //Low power on joystick; used on x and y axis
#define offset .035f                    //Joystick adjustment to be able to go straight. Chair dependent on manufactoring precision
#define process .1                      //Defines default time delay in seconds

/* Pin plug in for Nucleo-L432KC */
#define xDir PA_6                         //* PWM Pins */
#define yDir PA_5
#define Encoder1 D7                     //*Digital In Pull Up Pin */
#define Encoder2 D8
#define Diameter 31.75                  //Diameter of encoder wheel
#define maxDeceleration 130

#define ToFSensorNum 12

/** Wheelchair class
 * Used for controlling the smart wheelchair

class Wheelchair
    /** Create Wheelchair Object with x,y pin for analog dc output
     * serial for printout, and timer
    Wheelchair(PinName xPin, PinName yPin, Serial* pc, Timer* time, QEI* wheel, QEI* wheelS,
     VL53L1X** ToF);
    /** Move using the joystick */
    void move(float x_coor, float y_coor);
    /* Turn right a certain amount of degrees using PID*/
    void pid_right(int deg);
    /* Turn left a certain amount of degrees using PID*/
    void pid_left(int deg);
    /* Drive the wheelchair forward */
    void forward();
    /* Drive the wheelchair in reverse*/
    void backward();
    /* Turn the wheelchair right*/
    void right();
    /* Turn the wheelchair left*/
    void left();
    /* Stop the wheelchair*/
    void stop();
    /* Functions to get IMU data*/
    void compass_thread();
    void velocity_thread();
    void rosCom_thread();
    void assistSafe_thread();

    /* Move x millimiters foward using PID*/
    void pid_forward(double mm);
    /* Obtain angular position for Twist message */
    double getTwistZ();
    /*  Gets the encoder distance moved since encoder reset*/
    float getDistance();
    /* Resets encoder*/
    void resetDistance();
    /* Function to determine whether we are turning left or right*/
    void pid_turn(int deg);
    /* Function to obtain angular and linear velocity */
    void pid_twistA();
    void pid_twistV();
    /* Function to publish and show Odometry message */
    void odomMsg();
    void showOdom();
    /* Functions with a predetermined path (demo) */
    void desk();
    void kitchen();
    void desk_to_kitchen();
    /* Variables for postion, angle, and velocity */
    double x_position;
    double y_position;
    double z_angular;   
    double curr_vel;
    double z_twistA;
    double linearV;
    double angularV;
    double vel;
    double test1, test2;  
    bool forwardSafety;
    double curr_yaw, curr_velS;                                                            // Variable that contains current relative angle

    /* Pointers for the joystick speed */
    PwmOut* x;
    PwmOut* y;
    chair_BNO055* imu;                  // Pointer to IMU
    Serial* out;                        // Pointer to Serial Monitor
    Timer* ti;                          // Pointer to the timer
    QEI* wheel;                         // Pointer to encoder
    QEI* wheelS;                        // Pointer to encoder
    VL53L1X** ToF;                      // Arrays of pointers to ToF sensors