Sends 'application/json' as the content type for AerCloud compatibility

Dependents:   AerCloud_C027_Sample

Fork of HTTPClient by Donatien Garnier


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
20:b4a15dc7a299 2014-11-14 mchowla Fix bug where the any header value longer than 31 bytes would cause return a protocol error; ; Revert changes of DBG statements to printf default tip
19:c96ef4c9695c 2014-11-10 ycaer Set content-type to application/json so AerCloud can use it
18:277279a1891e 2014-05-07 donatien Fixed issue with ARMCC
17:679e15a3d3db 2014-05-02 donatien Do not block and wait for 255 bytes
16:1f743885e7de 2012-08-30 donatien IHTTPData (HTTPText, HTTPMap) objects can be re-used multiple times (reading/writing position is reset on each connection); Support for PUT and DELETE methods
15:5ad07f90e895 2012-08-29 donatien Removed useless debug message
14:2744e0c0e527 2012-08-28 donatien Fixed short chunk buffer issue
13:be61104f4e91 2012-08-05 donatien Fixed blocking mode
12:89d09a6db00a 2012-08-05 donatien Updated to match the newest Socket API
11:390362de8c3f 2012-07-30 donatien Update for compat with newest Socket API
10:e1351de84c16 2012-07-18 donatien Corrected licence headers
9:ff30cc189191 2012-07-11 donatien Decreased stack size use
8:45c8da29a1cf 2012-07-06 donatien Fixed bug in URL parsing method
7:4e39864f7b15 2012-06-29 donatien Update to using new C++ Socket API
6:54f79436184f 2012-06-29 donatien Forked with right name
5:791fc3dcb6c4 2012-06-15 donatien Removed velociraptors-prone gotos:)
4:c071b05ac026 2012-05-24 donatien FIX
3:5aef7584de4b 2012-04-26 donatien (none)
2:75f5b83238af 2012-04-26 donatien (none)
1:b70c37cf73ca 2012-04-26 donatien (none)
0:2ccb9960a044 2012-04-26 donatien (none)