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31:0b5c9a37a5a6 2019-09-13 adv_lut CAN nucleo example default tip
30:65c8d1465863 2017-05-28 hudakz Updated.
29:9ae558ec888c 2017-03-14 hudakz Comments upated.
28:dde6c4aef759 2017-03-11 hudakz Updated.
27:50dcf8aea3ee 2017-03-08 hudakz Updated.
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25:1d0488a03905 2017-03-08 hudakz Updated.
24:e2907bcba75e 2017-03-07 hudakz Updated.
23:069287e799cd 2017-03-07 hudakz Updated.
22:f4682a5ddda6 2016-12-01 hudakz Serial communication for STM32F103CT6 boards fixed.
21:7120a0dcc8ee 2016-12-01 hudakz CAN bus frequency for STM32F103C8T6 board corrected.
20:eb1a8042605e 2016-08-16 hudakz Updated.
19:872e304d7e17 2016-08-13 hudakz Updated.
18:22977a898fe9 2016-08-11 hudakz Updated.
17:18d4d0ff26a6 2016-08-10 hudakz CAN and CANMessage moved to CANnucleo namespace.
16:a86f339d1c25 2016-07-31 hudakz Reverted to use CANnucleo library and mbed rev. 120
15:6449443e2207 2016-07-29 hudakz Updated
14:e12ebd1260b1 2016-07-27 hudakz Updated
13:e741def3e4ff 2016-07-27 hudakz Modified to use CAN support built into the mbed library.
12:e91e44924194 2016-07-23 hudakz Updated
11:07d927da1a94 2016-03-11 hudakz Updated.
10:66da8731bdb6 2016-03-11 hudakz Updated.
9:8352cfe17ab1 2015-12-23 hudakz Updated.
8:5bf676c35a8f 2015-12-22 hudakz Support for NUCLEO-F302R8, NUCLEO-F303K8, NUCLEO-F334R8 and DISCO-F334C8 added.
7:2dce8ed51091 2015-12-22 hudakz Support for NUCLEO-F303RE added.
6:7ff95ce72f6d 2015-12-05 hudakz Updated for STM32F103C8T6 boards.
5:c6503b7ae971 2015-10-23 hudakz Updated
4:ccf4ac2deac8 2015-07-25 hudakz updated
3:464b06c16d24 2015-07-24 hudakz bug in setting LED status fixed
2:49c9430860d1 2015-07-23 hudakz updated
1:267d6288df33 2015-07-19 hudakz rev 01
0:c5e5d0df6f2a 2015-07-19 hudakz rev 00