Host library for controlling a WiConnect enabled Wi-Fi module.

Dependents:   wiconnect-ota_example wiconnect-web_setup_example wiconnect-test-console wiconnect-tcp_server_example ... more


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
42:8ffb253b09e7 2015-09-28 aymangrais increase ota timeout to be 5 seconds (instead of 1.5 sec) default tip
41:66beaca0fd1a 2015-02-23 dan_ackme fixed compilation error
40:4b4306f3d829 2015-02-23 dan_ackme minor bug fixes
39:a963f69cb2de 2015-02-23 dan_ackme added httpAcceptWebsocket API
38:bc2b10351ee3 2014-11-27 dan_ackme updated for latest wiconnect
37:5ee74d72efe4 2014-11-27 dan_ackme added saveSettings API
36:a30cbf4bdb13 2014-11-27 dan_ackme Fix compiler warning
35:15725177aa60 2014-11-27 dan_ackme updated missing files from previous check-in
34:2616445d0823 2014-11-26 dan_ackme added support for out-dated wifi firmware
33:9b690d76eedf 2014-11-03 dan_ackme Minor bug fixes.
32:b2bdbc018665 2014-10-27 dan_ackme build fixes
31:59fac148a8d5 2014-10-27 dan_ackme bug fix
30:fe5d89951afb 2014-10-27 dan_ackme removed unnecessary doc files
29:b6af04b77a56 2014-10-27 dan_ackme refactored library layout
28:3c52f578708a 2014-10-27 dan_ackme refactoring library layout
27:b63f5a9cdefa 2014-10-23 dan_ackme Merge
26:8067e3d463d3 2014-10-23 dan_ackme Added 'updateFirmware' and 'networkGetJoinResult' api methods
25:70903e533fc3 2014-09-06 dan_ackme fixed compiler error
24:e27e23297f02 2014-09-06 dan_ackme add api to get/set module settings
23:8cfc6fdce6b0 2014-09-06 dan_ackme increased join timeout
22:2d7ef60a9f2a 2014-08-26 dan_ackme fixed build error
21:17bb3eddcbae 2014-08-26 dan_ackme Add TCP server API
20:7b67c3f94de9 2014-08-23 dan_ackme Added mbed socket api
19:449a58827ddf 2014-08-23 dan_ackme removed invalid paths
18:4962b4e95e32 2014-08-23 dan_ackme removed old files
17:7268f365676b 2014-08-23 dan_ackme Fixes and documentation updates
16:7f1d6d359787 2014-08-13 dan_ackme updated documentation and copyright
15:d3cd02b201e1 2014-08-13 dan_ackme added connection diagram
14:85a2ed029f37 2014-08-13 dan_ackme doc updates
13:2b51f5267c92 2014-08-13 dan_ackme doc updates
12:3dfec824715a 2014-08-12 dan_ackme fixed build error
11:ea484e1b7fc4 2014-08-12 dan_ackme updated documnetation
10:735194df0097 2014-08-11 dan_ackme added doc files
9:b6218dc218ad 2014-08-11 dan_ackme started adding docs
8:1fad4ca6c6a4 2014-08-11 dan_ackme fixed bug in QueuedCommand
7:41d456a65f14 2014-08-11 dan_ackme made static buffers global
6:8a87a59d0d21 2014-08-11 dan_ackme added support for assertion handling
5:8d91a87ebba2 2014-08-11 dan_ackme more warning fixes
4:c0966143aa22 2014-08-11 dan_ackme more warning fixes
3:2dc2592bae5e 2014-08-11 dan_ackme more fixes
2:05e20e184e7e 2014-08-11 dan_ackme fixed more warnings
1:6ec9998427ad 2014-08-11 dan_ackme fixed compiler warnings
0:ea85c4bb5e1f 2014-08-11 dan_ackme initial check-in