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GATT Server beginner question

Hello, my name is Jan and I am new in the programming with Mbed.

I'm studying mechanical engineering and looking for help.

My task is to take up acceleration data with some NRF52 device. Now I want to transmit them via BLE to a Gateway. First I work with the advertise data, it works great but the data rate is too small. After this i started to configurate the NRF as a GATT Server. But for me it looks really complicated. Cananyone recommend me some examples for this task ?

Thank you for your help !

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Hi Jan,

You can try BLE_BatteryLevel


It's also an application of gatt server and simpler, it calls ble.gattServer().write()


Regards, Desmond

Accepted Answer

Thank you for the answer ! But now i have the problem with the updating intervall. It is possible to update the value faster ? greetings

posted by Jan St 07 Nov 2019