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Recommended Workflow for CM33

I'd like to evaluate the TF-M implementation running on MBED OS on the NXP LPC55S69. Does MBED Studio have any support for building / debugging of multi-project images that make us of the trust zone? Or would I be better off using a 3rd party IDE (LPCXpresso, or Keil) and importing the MBED TF-M project ?

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Hi, Desmond

I defined TFM_CORE_DEBUG as you advised in the mbed-os/tools/psa/tfm/mbed_app.json file. I see that the macro is defined in the mbed_config.h file.

However, I do not see any output of the secure world on my minicom (connected to USB port).

Is there anything else I need to enable or do to get the output from the secure world?

Hi Tobias,

I think this target didn't finish the serial porting yet, looking into target.json here.


It doesn't have SERIAL defined, so I guess that's why the message is not shown.

Regards, Desmond

posted by Desmond Chen 15 Nov 2019
8 months, 1 week ago.

Hi Dan,

We have a draft porting guide for TF-M integration to Mbed OS, hope this helps.


Regards, Desmond

Hi Desmond,

I've looked at the porting guide but it doesn't offer much help in terms of the actual workflow. Since I'm using one of the support MCUs (LPC55S69) I assume porting wont be necessary.

However, what I'm not sure about is how to build a basic project with the the PSA services. Right now I tried to do something like this with the Blinky sample:

$ mbed compile -t ARMC6 -m LPC55S69_NS

$ mbed compile -t ARMC6 -m LPC55S69_S

However, I'm getting some build issues (see below) so it seems this is not correct. Here are some of my more specific questions:

1. What are the steps to build a basic hello_world application with PSA services?

2. After building, how can one merge, load, debug these binaries?

3. How is the delineation between what runs on the secure / non-secure core defined?

4. Is the system meant to boot into the secure or non-secure space.

Regards, Dan

Output log from compiling for secure target:

Error: L6200E: Symbol PendSV_Handler multiply defined (by BUILD/LPC55S69_S/ARMC6/mbed-os/rtos/source/TARGET_CORTEX/rtx5/RTX/Source/TOOLCHAIN_ARM/TARGET_M33/irq_armv8mml.o and BUILD/LPC55S69_S/ARMC6/mbed-os/components/TARGET_PSA/TARGET_TFM/COMPONENT_SPE/secure_fw/core/ipc/tfm_arch_v8m.o).

Error: L6200E: Symbol SVC_Handler multiply defined (by BUILD/LPC55S69_S/ARMC6/mbed-os/rtos/source/TARGET_CORTEX/rtx5/RTX/Source/TOOLCHAIN_ARM/TARGET_M33/irq_armv8mml.o and BUILD/LPC55S69_S/ARMC6/mbed-os/components/TARGET_PSA/TARGET_TFM/COMPONENT_SPE/secure_fw/core/tfm_handler.o).

posted by Dan B 28 Oct 2019

Hi Dan,

Please try the following instructions

  • cd mbed-os
  • python tools/psa/release.py -m LPC55S69_S -t ARMC6
  • cd ..
  • mbed compile -t ARM -m LPC55S69_NS
posted by Desmond Chen 29 Oct 2019

Hi Desmond,

1. Thanks, that seems to compile successfully at least. Can you point me to where I would have found that python command? Maybe there's other information that would be useful.

2. Can you let me know what the correct way to enable TFM_CORE_DEBUG is? Should I be adding this to mbed-os/components/TARGET_PSA/TARGET_TFM/mbed_lib.json or is there a better place? Also, I see printf isn't properly defined ( #define printf(...) )

posted by Dan B 29 Oct 2019

Hi Dan,

Sorry we don't have a more formal documentation for that, you can refer here for what release.py does.

You can add "macro": ["TFM_CORE_DEBUG"] in mbed_app.json

posted by Desmond Chen 30 Oct 2019

Thanks for the help so far Desmond. I'm trying to debug this application now using Keil so I can verify the correct function of the SPM but am getting a linker error when I export to Keil. Is this a known issue or do you have any suggestions on where to look?

warning: L6312W: Empty execution region description for region rw_iram1

error: L6236E: No section matches selector - no section to be FIRST/LAST.

Also, can you tell me what the correct way to export both projects is? Right now I'm using the below- is this correct?

mbed export - -ide uvision6 - -target LPC55S69_NS

mbed export - -ide uvision6 - -target LPC55S69_S

posted by Dan B 01 Nov 2019