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F469NI Display problems

Hallo, I bought the STM32F469I-Discovery board and the preloaded demo was working fine, but after I flashed it with texane st-link and tried to restore the original demo (even with st-utility on windows, also writing the external flash) it doesn't work, what I get to see is a black screen. If I use the mbed online compiler and compile some LCD-demos like DISCO-F469NI_LCDTS_GUI_demo I get a screen full of noisy rectangles. The rectangles appear on the screen after BSP_LCD_InitEx call, maybe someone is facing the same problem or has probably a fix?

Thanks in advance/media/uploads/arthur90/display.jpg

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Hi there,

you not shown which a demo exactly cause that problem but I tried a demo according to name which you descripted, please see below, and it works well - no graphic noise and it works stable. So, I can not reproduce your problem.

Import programDISCO-F469NI_LCDTS_GUI_demo

F469_GUI Demo

Maybe try to check the flat flex cables for touch screen interfaces on the backside of the board.

BR, Jan