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I want to know how to use i2c address

hello. Nice to meet you. I am a japanese student.

I want to use two pca9685 baord by same I2C channel.

how do it?

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2 years ago.

You need to set the two PCA9685s to use different I2C addresses.

The address for each chip is set by the signals on the input pins A0-A5. Depending on the board you have these pins may be set by some resistors, solder bridges or by switches.

Thank you for answer my questions.

I tried setting A0 channel and no address by each other boards. But I can not understand that I must write program. Please tell me how to doi it.

posted by tatuya ito 15 Oct 2019

Well you could start by looking at examples like this https://os.mbed.com/users/dreamworker/code/PCA9685_Hello_World/

and then modifying them to do what you want.

People here are not going to do your work for you. They will be happy to help debug problems you have but don't expect people to simply hand you a finished project when you have made no attempt at it yourself.

posted by Andy A 15 Oct 2019