5 months ago.

Can the team of Mbed Studio add an update button for the IDE update?

Hi, Mbed Studio is more and more useful and powerful. The latest version is 0.6.1, so I want to update my mbed studio from 0.5.0 to 0.6.1, but unfortunately, there isn't an "update" button in the "Help" menu of Mbed Studio.

It's conveniently for the user just click an update button to get the latest version of the IDE, not uninstall the old version and download the latest one and then reinstall it.

Can the development team of Mbed Studio add an update button for the IDE update?

Best regards.

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5 months ago.

Hi there,

I don't know in which version it was released but I had version 5.3 already installed and when version 6.1 was released then an auto update feature was started in the background a short time after launch of the studio.

So no button is here but an auto update already working.

Best regards, Jan

Accepted Answer

Hi, Jan, It's very kind of you for telling me that the update was started in the background. Best regards.

posted by wang gaoteng 23 Sep 2019

We have been thinking about whether this should be more obvious - at the moment the update happens silently in the background. Ideas welcome!

posted by Joe Alderson 23 Sep 2019

I think, Wang's idea is good. At the launch of the studio can be shown only a short message like "New version is available, when you are ready please hit the Update button in the help section" and then let the user when he want to install that update.

Silent update on the background is good but it can cause a problems with usage processor or internet stability in a wrong time and so on.

I not say that is the best but it is an option.

posted by Jan Kamidra 24 Sep 2019