10 months ago.

How do i make you code work on the STM32F429i-disc which has the 2.4tft lcd with touch ili9341

ThError: Cannot open source input file "device.h": No such file or directory in "extras/mbed/platform.h", Line: 21, Col: 21 is is the error and I am new so please help if you can. Thanks

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10 months ago.

Hi Walter,

Checking the TFT driver page, LPC11U68 and F401RE are the two boards been tested, we suggest you to use the two boards for easy using. I tried build it for F401RE with our online IDE, it compiles successfully.

If you need to use STM32F429ZI, you can use offline mbed-cli, that gives you more flexibility to debug.

Regards, Desmond

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