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How to find the R-peak location of an ECG using MAX30003 AFE

Hello all.

I am trying to find the locations of R-peaks from an ECG recording.

From what I have read in the datasheet for MAX30003 AFE, the device offers the R-to-R duration. This duration is updated on every R-peak detected. The info about the R-events should be stored in the STATUS register within the RRINT bit.

When I try and access this bit to learn the location of R peaks, some peaks (most even) are not detected. Please find the picture below.


However, to try and get around this, instead of accessing the RRINT bit, I observe the R-to-R duration in order to find the R peaks. Whenever the duration value changes, a peak has been detected. The problem then is that, if the duration of 2 consecutive beats is the same, I cannot find the peak.

Now as the R-to-R duration is changing, I know that there is an accurate way to find the peaks. But, I do not know where to find this information.

Any help is welcome at this point.

Some information (if required):

Platforms used: MAX30003 AFE, MAX30003WING, MAX32630FTHR

Sampling rate: 128 sps

Input signal: ECG generator set to sinus arrhythmia

Thank you very much in advance!


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Firstly its RR resolution is 8 ms. Additionally Pan-Tompkins algorithm executed at hardware level is a little bit late in finding the treshold compared to software level Pan-Tompkins algorithm.I recommend you to wait at least 30 seconds (may be longer). As the threshold is approximated efficiency of R detection improves.