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x-nucleo-ihm01a1 does not work

I am trying to run the hellow world example for stepper motor control with Nucleo-F401RE board, x-nucleo-ihm01a1 controller shield and a simple bipolar stepper motor. I have followed steps from this tutorial video:


The program compiles, I am able to upload it to the nucleo board, but the motor does not move. On the extension shield, both PowerOK LED (green) and Fault LED (red) are always ON. No other LEDs light up and motor does not move at all.

I have checked the COM terminal output and the program is running and sending some strings to output. Can somebody please help me to solve this problem?

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4 months ago.

I have texact the same problem!!! F446RE plus IHM02A1 - Hello world dont work. But everything seems to be okay.

i have a similar problem. how do u fix this problem? can u tall me. thank you

posted by qian jiaqi 19 Aug 2019

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