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mbed v2 rtos and NRF51822 on microbit

i can run rtos_basic program from handbook ok as soon as i add Serial PC or another thread it locks up. any clues ?

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6 months ago.

Hi Max,

We don't think that rtos_basic example is a good choice for Microbit - for instance Microbit doesn't have general purpose LEDs.

Could you start with the set of examples from the Microbit teams page here:

These examples are based on a powerful Device Abstraction Layer (DAL) designed for Microbit. The button-events example shows how you can direct output to the serial console.

We suggest using the "Import program" button and building these in the Online Compiler (with the Microbit selected for your target).


Ralph, Team Mbed

thanks ralph. i agree. i eventually got my program going LEDs ,serial PC and several threads by reducing the stack size of the threads .fairly RAM memory constrained. next time i'll use a bigger system. yes the DAL is an excellent cooperative system. i've been impressed at how professional it is.

posted by max kennedy 15 Feb 2019

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