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old compiled programs drag and drop load by new ones don't? what's different?

Not sure what the problem is but with my Nucleo L432KC boards I can drag and drop an old I2C scanner bin file and it loads. But if I try to compile it again and drag and drop, it doesn't load the program. The old one still runs, and I don't see the usual progress bar showing file copying progress. And I can drag and drop the older program again and see the progress bar, so I know it is installing. What is up with the newer bin files?

Apparently if I update the mbed library to the latest version drag and drop isn't working. So my older programs compile and drag and drop fine, but if I update mbed library in the project then I'm screwed. #confused.

posted by Dan Allen 02 May 2018

somewhere about mbed revision 153 it breaks. 152 works repeatably and 153 is not (?) Anything past that I can compile but I can't drag and dropwhy?

posted by Dan Allen 03 May 2018

This was out of date firmware on the boards. The L432KC boards from digikey ship with legacy firmware, apparently and that apparently prevents uploading files compiled with newer mbed libraries.

posted by Dan Allen 14 May 2018
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Hello Dan,

The info at the link below might help