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How to use MBED_TICKLESS on STM32?


I'm investigating low-power modes for a battery powered application.

I would appreciate any guidelines or thoughts because I've tried MBED_TICKLESS but haven't managed to do anything useful yet.

If I just add MBED_TICKLESS the power consumption goes up. I think this is because it is still ticking at 1 ms but goes into to 'deep sleep' for that 1 ms. The overhead of 'deep sleeping' must cost more than is saved in 1 ms. In other words, MBED_TICKLESS on its own doesn't work.

If I also switch to the RTC, i.e add "target.lowpowertimer_lptim": 0, I can see that the 1 ms ticks stop and the 'deep sleep' lasts for the length of the Thread::wait. If the Thread::wait lasts for seconds I can see the power consumption dropping to uA.

But, this doesn't work for multiple threads. AFAICT, when 'deep sleep' is entered by Thread::wait only the that thread is considered in the timeout. Any other threads also using Thread::wait no longer run (correctly).

Is it necessary to attach attach a special idle hook in order to do anything useful with MBED_TICKLESS?


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