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no matching function for call to 'mbed::Serial::printf()'

HI, Suddenly I get this error using Eclipse and GCC to compile my project. It compiles fine using the online compiler.. After updating my mbed library and the project files. It was working fine before.

Any suggestions

error: no matching function for call to 'mbed::Serial::printf()'
 #define DEBUG_MESSAGE(...) pc.printf(__VA_ARGS__)

It seems that it is not happy with pc.printf


Maybe some one will get the same problem.

The problem was a call to the function that didn't send any thing to the function.. I had a call like bellow:


This caused the problem. But it was not easy to understand the problem since it was working .. Calling the DEBUG_MESSAGE without sending anything to it will cause that behavior.

posted by Mariwan J. 28 Dec 2017