2 years ago.

Only CRP DISABLED drive shows up for C027 on MacBook (macOS Sierra 10.12.2)

After being able to run some apps on the C027, the MBED suddenly stopped to show up after reconnecting.

I tried another USB port and the drive showed up again, but after a while the drive stopped showing up on this port too.

I decided to install the new firmware, so connected the USB with the "USB BOOT" button pressed on the board.

The CRP DISABLD drive showed up and I copied the newest .if file from here:

Now whenever I connect the USB only the CRP DISABLD drive shows up, on both of my MacBook's USB ports.

What should I do?

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2 years ago.

Hi Tim,

Mac is quiet annoying with copying interface firmware correctly to the drive, this could be the issue.

Below is an example of copying firmware on mac using the terminal.

If you scroll to reprogramming (this is for a different board, but maybe helpful for reference)


Andrea, team mbed

Thanks, will try this asap and will let you know the outcome :)

posted by Tim Baas 22 Jun 2017

Used the "dd" command in the link and it works indeed, thanks again Andrea!

posted by Tim Baas 22 Jun 2017