3 years, 9 months ago.

Porting Nrf51 to nrf52


I am working on porting firmware for nrf51 to nrf52_DK, I have been using the mbed online compiler for the original nrf51 code and also now mbed-cli. The nrf52_DK is listed as a platform on mbed.

I am looking for target files, includes and libraries for nrf52, but can not find any on mbed. Do they exist or do I need to find elsewhere?

Many thanks


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3 years, 9 months ago.

Hi Jonathan,

Im assuming you maybe using the mbed 2.0 SDK for the NRF51, the NRF52 uses mbed OS as the SDK, located here:


This should be a like for like swap, let me know if you need any specifics on how to get things to work.


Andrea, team mbed