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dual signal ws2813 addressable led strip

I bought [URL="http://www.normandled.com"]ws2813 addressable led strip[/URL],it had dual signal,one led is broken,others still work,i want to control it by madrix,who have the code for it?thanks.

not have this code,but we have the cs2803 breakpoint led strip,same with the ws2813 led strip.and the price more reasonable.capacitor is external,not inside,also is a newest full color led strip

posted by Alvin chen 15 May 2017

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Search the site here for WS2812, there are lots of different drivers for them, most use an SPI interface to generate the correct timing and so should work on any part. The WS2812 and WS2813 should use the same protocol so they should work fine for you.

One thing to watch out for, the WS281x part specifications generally need 4V on the data line, most mbeds have 3.3V IO. Sometimes they work despite being out of spec, sometimes they don't. For it to work reliably you need to put some sort of buffer on the data line to boost it to 5V.