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X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1 MBed OS 5 Support


I just bought this expansion board for my Nucleo L476RG, but the libraries only support the Mbed OS 2 "classic". Is there a future port of this library for Mbed OS 5? I have significant code currently on my project that depends on OS 5 support. Not sure if it requires a lot of work to port it back to the "classic" libs.

Regards, Vergil

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Hi Vergil,

Thanks for getting in touch :)

I have received information that indeed there is no support for mbed OS 5, and no immediate plans at this moment.

Have you looked at using other options such as the ESP8266?


Andrea, team mbed

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for the reply. I managed to work with Mbed OS "classic" at the moment. I do have a few ESP8266EX, but that would be for another project. I was drawn to this module because of the TLS/SSL example which seems to supported on the wifi board itself.

Regards, Vergil

posted by Vergil Cola 08 Feb 2017