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How to report digital/analog input changes constantly over ethernet to server?

Hello, I am trying to read a digital/analog input continuously and send the current state over Ethernet through a TCP socket to a server, but my code cracks after the first time it sends a message to the server. The error it reports is sys_arch_protect (the error is located in the EthernetInterface library in the lwip_sys/sys_arch.c file at line 367) or if I modify the code it reports the RTX error code: 0x00000001 task id: 0x00000020 (which I can`t locate) and the mbed starts flashing the LED which i presume means that is stopped working (I presume that on the fact that the program doesn`t run anymore). My question is how can I scan for changes of inputs continuously and put them in a message that i send to a server?