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Makefile for GCC (ARM Embedded) fails to compile against nRF51822

When exporting the example project BLE_HeartRate from the online IDE to the GCC (ARM Embedded) toolchain, the makefile fails to compile.

First, the compiler throws "fatal error: algorithm: No such file or directory" while the file "algorithm" is on the supplied GCC_BIN folder.

Then, the compiler complains about unknown types (namespace, class, ...). It looks like the makefile tries to compile C++ code as C.

Finally, the two BLE-related libraries (BLE_API, nRF51822) and the mbed SDK seem to have been de-synchronised, resulting in linking errors.

The only way for compiling BLE project requires mbed SDK 92 and BLE libraries dated January 2015.

Please provide a rectified makefile.

Thank you and best regards,

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