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Are there plans to offer USBDevice support for the Nucleo-F072RB ?

I was wondering if USBDevice support for the Nucleo-F072RB is incoming or is it simply not going to be offered. I realize that the Nucleo board doesn't bring out the USB functionality via a USB connector, but the functionality is in the STM32F072RB microcontroller and is advertised on the Nucleo-F072RB page.

I'd write it myself but I'm not familiar with the STM32CubeF0 USB stack nor with the MBed USBDevice library (USB Stack).

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Affordable and flexible platform to ease prototyping using a STM32F072RBT6 microcontroller.

If you're in a hurry, you could use ST USB library, provided as part of STM32CubeL0 middleware (see http://www.st.com/web/en/catalog/tools/PF260612)

However this solution is not based on mbed library, so you would have a more low level approach. Up to you if you want to go this route or not.

If you can wait, ST is currently working on the connection of usual Mbed USBDevice class on top of STM32F0 USB peripheral. I don't know the exact date yet, but for sure it will be available during last quarter of this year.

posted by Sea Food 18 Aug 2015

Thank you for your reply. I'm already working with the Vendor (STM32F0Cube) libraries with quite a bit of success, but prefer the mbed's high level API approach to USB. I'm designing a college-level course based on mbed and the STM32F072 Nucleo. Luckily the course is scheduled for Fall 2017 So I have plenty of time.

posted by Ziryab 18 Aug 2015

oops I meant Fall 2016!!!

posted by Ziryab 18 Aug 2015

Hello I was wondering if there is any news or links concerning "ST is currently working on the connection of usual Mbed USBDevice class on top of STM32F0 USB peripheral"?

posted by Brian Hamilton 24 Feb 2016

USBDevice support for the stm32f0 does not seem to be ready yet. Besides, with new nucleo-144 boards incoming , the ST mbed team will probably be too busy porting them instead of writing USBDevice for the stm32f0. It'll probably show up at some point. For now if you really need USB on the stm32f0, using STM32Cube libraries seems to be the only way. I'm planning to move to the stm32f411 which has USB mbed support and will eventually move to the even more powerful stm32f446

posted by Ziryab 24 Feb 2016
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