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Does mbed support upgrading to MK20DXxxx7

Hi, I've been using the FRDM-K20D50M for some prototyping for a custom board, with the idea of using a K20Dxx7 (72Mhz) or K20Dxxx10 (100MHz+) parts. However I've realized the NVIC and a few other features are different even between these parts in the same family.

What is the path envisaged for mbed moving beyond the direct mbed supported MK20D50 boards to a specific product/custom target board as part of "lets connect everything" using another member of the same family - like the M20DX128VLH7 ?

Many thanks

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Trying to do this at the moment for that very MCU.

Clock set up, NVIC's and adding the other features are needed to be re-specified but the main problem is the platform is 'locked' to the specific MCU' memory size, Flash and RAM. So ultimately some of these settings can not be done unless these can be changed by adding another platform to Mbed. Maybe the new version of Mbed to be released next year will have the facility to specify MCU specific memory settings. Otherwise you will only be able to go so far before taking the code offline.

The K22F is the closest match for the M20DX128VLH7 but better spec, so may pay to take a look at that platform.

Thanks Paul, I guess its a difficult problem. Seems like to use the open source approach, need to build on the supported boards for the core "Lets connect everything" Then periodically download a local KDS copy and merge what is interesting forward to the custom environment.

Oh well, makes it difficult to push back creative ideas into the open source environment - but it is complex.

Goodluck with the Teensy3 - I wish I had been able to use it - but just not the right footprint for me.

posted by neil hancock 04 Dec 2014

It is working now, but not complete yet, need to add ADC and CAN functions otherwise the standard Mbed board functions work. The 'build details' will be incorrect as this will refer to the smaller memory MCU.

It's not 'public' yet until the rest is done, but here is the link to the SRC code if you want to try.


If you have a Teensy3.1 Its a three stage download process: compile the Mbed code, convert to .hex file, then program using the teensy loader.

Otherwise you can jump the code via SWD connector from your FRDM-K20D50M board to a project board with a M20DX128VLH7 MCU.

posted by Paul Staron 04 Dec 2014