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Can somebody confirm that the 96bits unique ID is avaiblabe from mbed please ?

hi, I bought a Nucleo STM32L152RET6 64pins Nucleo board and I've seen that the UID seems to be located at 0x1FF800D0 for STM32L15xxE (Cat.5) chips (page 880 of STM32L1xxx (RM0038) UserManual.

when I use this portion of code,

unique ID test : unsigned long *uid = (unsigned long *)0x1FF800D0; pc.printf("\r\nUnique ID: %08X %08X %08X \r\n", uid[0], uid[1], uid[2]);

the returned UID is displayed as : 0B473333 36363238 5C595900

please, can one confirm this is the correct location and that this UID is really unique to each chip (and is not a series or product type number) ? thank you for your support Rico

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Affordable and flexible platform to ease prototyping using a STM32L152RET6 microcontroller.

Thanks for the post it help me. I did a little research and see that all the bytes are not contiguous and the ordering of them to make the 96 bit number is also off. Here I am loading a char array with the hex representation

sprintf(deviceId,"%08x%08x%08x", uid[5], uid[1], uid[0]);

Not sure if this is how it is on all stm chips or just the stm32l152

posted by David Gagnon 25 Sep 2015

I posted a sample that think pulls this for a freescale chip. There is a single define that should make it work for the STM chips. https://developer.mbed.org/users/joeata2wh/code/frdm_print_unique_serial_number/

posted by Joseph Ellsworth 08 Mar 2016

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Yes I confirm that the UID is located at address 0x1FF800D0 for this device and is really unique for each device.


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