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Nucleo-L1152RE is not support mbed-rtos yet?

Hello Sir,

I was trying to explore Nucleo-L1152RE with mbed-rtos, but it seems to be that Nucleo-L1152RE is not support mbed-rtos yet, since I encountered many compiler errors:


Please give me some hint. Thank you.


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I just modified mbed-rtos source code to support new target ST Nucleo-L152RE, and now Nucleo-L152RE can run mbed-rtos. if you would like to use and test it, get it by below URL: library: http://mbed.org/users/stanly88/code/mbed-rtos/


posted by Stanly Chen 11 Mar 2014

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Hello Stanly, the ram is located at 0x2.000.000 . The initial stackpointer is 20014000. If you use the board out of the box it is running with 16MHz. You have to set the OS_CLOCK to 16000000 or use my lib to switch to 32MHz.

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Hi Peter, Thank you very much for your advice. I will try your lib.

Warm regards, Stanly

posted by Stanly Chen 12 Mar 2014

Hi , What about F401RE?

posted by Abdessamad El Abbassi 17 Apr 2014

It is more difficult to get the F401 running, because the startup code from ST is using the Sys Tick Timer which is also used by the RTOS. Spend some time to fix it but without success.

posted by Peter Drescher 18 Apr 2014