Seeed Xadow M0

Xadow M0 is an mbed enabled development board with Xadow form factor. Xadow is a series of flexible electronic modules including sensors, displays and etc. Several Xadow modules can be cascaded to create interactive objects.


  • mbed enabled
    • online development tools
    • easy to use C/C++ SDK
    • lots of published libraries, projects
  • Xadow form factor
    • extremely small and flexible
    • cascade connection
  • Drag-n-drop programming
  • NXP LPC11U35 MCU
    • Low power ARM Cortex-M0 Core
    • 48MHz, 64KB Flash, 10KB RAM, 4KB EEPROM
    • USB Device, 2xSPI, UART, I2C
  • Integrated with accelerometer: ADXL345



Get Started

  1. Click this link to signup/login mbed, then you will get the mbed online compiler.
  2. On mbed online IDE, click "Compile" (or use CTRL + D) to compile the code and download a binary file.
  3. Connect the board to the computer and long press the button, a USB drive named CRP DISABLD will show up.
  4. Delete firmware.bin and copy the downloaded file to the USB drive.
  5. Quick press the button, the program will be running, an LED will be blinking.

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