LPC800-MAX from NXP is an mbed enabled platform which combines the advantages of the mbed ecosystem and Arduino form factor.

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  • Stardard Arduino Outline and Footprint
    • a large number of component shields available
  • Standard mbed DIP pads (optionally populated)
    • drop into existing designs and application boards
    • 40-pin 0.1" pitch DIP package, 54x26mm
  • mbed HDK & SDK enabled
    • Drag-n-drop programming
    • USB Serial Port
    • online development tools
    • easy to use C/C++ SDK
    • lots of published libraries, projects
  • NXP LPC812 MCU
    • Low power ARM Cortex-M0+ Core
    • 30MHz, 16KB Flash, 4KB RAM
    • 3xUSART, 2xSPI, 1xComparator, 1xI2C

latest firmware (version 0203, 01-July-2014) is available

The latest firmware version for the LPC800-MAX is: 0203. To check your firmware version, open the MBED.HTM file on your mbed Microcontroller.


For the firmware update, please follow steps of "Firmware LPC800 MAX" page.

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