Ethernet IoT Starter Kit

This starter Kit for IBM IoT Foundation provides the user with a slick experience, getting data from the on board sensors into the IBM cloud within minutes of opening the box. It is particularly suitable for developers with no specific experience in embedded or web development, as it provides a platform for learning new concepts and creating working prototypes.After the initial out of box experience, the infinite possibilities of cloud applications can be explored through IBM's production grade BlueMix platform, in which deployment and device management is as simple for one device as it is for one million. The starter kit hardware can be modified and extended to explore the device design space, and a finalised design can be taken to production using the mbed SDK and HDK.

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Kit Contents

  • mbed Enabled NXP K64F
    • NXP K64F Kinetis K64 MCU (MK64FN1M0VLL12)
    • High performance ARM® Cortex™-M4 Core with Floating point unit and DSP
    • 120MHz, 256KB RAM, 1MB FLASH
  • mbed Application shield
    • 128x32 Graphics LCD
    • 5 way joystick
    • 2 x Potentiometers
    • Speaker, PWM Conencted
    • 3 Axis +/1 1.5g Accelerometer
    • RGB LED, PWM connected
    • Temperature sensor

Getting started


What should happen

Within a few seconds the light on your starter kit should have lit up green, and the status on the LCD screen should be "connected"

You should see a drive appear on your computer, which contains a file called "IBM.htm" - double click this to open it in a browser. You should now be seeing the data being sent from your starter kit.


Next steps

Visit the IBM website for more details on the starter kit

Quick Start Program

Import programIBMIoTClientEthernetExample

Contains example code to connect the mbed LPC1768 or FRDM-K64F devices to the IBM Internet of Things Cloud service via ethernet.

Trouble shooting



The IBM IoT Client Ethernet Example software is developed and distributed under a choice of either:

See the link above to access to the source code.

The mbed software (mbed SDK and Interface) are distributed under the Apache 2.0 license:

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