Espotel LoRa Module

Espotel LoRa Module is a Wireless IoT LoRa™ enabled prototyping board and reference design for custom designed wireless sensors. It's a complete prototyping board solution for the SX1272 LoRa™ modem featuring an STM32F411RET6 microcontroller.


The Espotel LoRa Module is an evaluation board for the Semtech SX1272 LoRa™ modem and is designed to be used with the ARM® mbed™ software ecosystem. The wide frequency range allows the module to operate in the 868 MHz and 915 MHz license free ISM bands.

At its heart is a powerful ARM® Cortex®-M4 and it is conveniently populated on a breakout module that allows for easy integration into existing designs.

Benefits include:

The Espotel LoRa Module provides an affordable and flexible way for users to try out new ideas and supports easy debugging and programming with an external ST-LINK. The staggered arduino headers enable the Espotel LoRa Module to be used as Arduino shield and also to accept other Arduino shields.

Key Benefits


Getting started with the Espotel LoRa Module

To start playing with the Espotel LoRa Module add the "Elmo-Terminal-App" program (link in section Example Programs) to your online compiler. Choose Espotel LoRa Module as platform and compile it. Connect the Nucleo SWD header to the Espotel LoRa Module SWD header as shown in the picture below and save the binary file directly to the Espotel LoRa Module.
Programming the Espotel LoRa Module
Programming cable and power selection:

Alternative and advanced Espotel LoRa Module software upload procedures are described in detail in theEspotel LoRa Module Programming Guide

Example Programs

Import programElmo-Terminal-App

Elmo Terminal provides functionality to test Lora radio and access SX1272 chip registers delivered with Elmo board. This firmware allows the user to control the LoRa radio parameters (eg. frequency, bandwidth, spreading factor etc.) by entering console commands via serial terminal. Application also contains "Ping-Pong" and data transmission functionalities.

Import programLoRaWAN-test-app

Example implementation of LoraWan specification based on IBM LoraWan in C (ver. 1.5) for Elmo board. Tested only with OTA activation (requires setting AppEui/ DevKey in main.cpp).

SX1272 Library

Import librarySX1272lib

Semtech SX1272 radio chipset driver - ported based on Semtech SX1276 driver.

Espotel LoRa Module Pinout

General Board Overview

General Board Overview

Arduino-Compatible Headers

Arduino Header Pinout

Additional Connectors

LED and Open Collector Outputs

Technical References

How to buy

The Espotel LoRa device is discontinued.


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