Mbed Enabled for Products

Compliance Critera and Technical Requirements

Compliance Criteria

  • [P-CC-1] MUST be in volume production.
  • [P-CC-2] MUST complete a questionnaire and technical review with end product review team.

Technical Requirements

  • [P-PR] Product Requirements
    • [P-PR-1] MUST use either Mbed OS 2 or Mbed OS 5.
    • [P-PR-2] SHOULD make use of Mbed RTOS API if based on Mbed OS.

Class: Pelion Device Managed

A Pelion Device Managed product is based on Mbed OS and uses Pelion Device Management to connect and update features as part of its core functionality.

  • [P-IR] Pelion Device Managed
    • [P-IR-1] MUST make use of connectivity technology as a product feature.
    • [P-IR-2] MUST be able to connect to Pelion Device Management service.
    • [P-IR-3] MUST have an unique identity in Pelion Device Management.
    • [P-IR-4] MUST employ remote firmware update capabilities with Pelion Device Management.
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