Mbed Enabled for Components

Compliance Critera and Technical Requirements

Compliance Criteria

  • [C-CC-1] MUST implement all functionality against the current Mbed OS major release (see Mbed Enabled technical requirements for Components).
  • [C-CC-2] MUST pass all Mbed OS functional and system validation tests for the current Mbed OS major release.
  • [C-CC-3] MUST have the support software available on a public website.
  • [C-CC-4] SHOULD support all additional connectivity protocols that are available.
  • [C-CC-5] MUST provide comprehensive examples for key component features and functionality.
  • [C-CC-6] MUST test the component and its functionality against 3 Mbed Enabled boards.
  • [C-CC-7] SHOULD test the component and its functionality against 10 Mbed Enabled boards.
  • [C-CC-8] MUST have a pinout diagram based on the Mbed pinout template.
  • [C-CC-9] MUST provide product photo, description, features and other marketing collateral.
  • [C-CC-10] MUST have technical documents available for download from the Mbed Developer website.
  • [C-CC-11] MUST have EDA consumable files available for download from the Mbed Developer website.
  • [C-CC-12] MUST have a public issue tracker and feedback mechanism.
  • [C-CC-13] MUST have a support engineer on the Mbed Developer website to monitor community questions/feedback regarding the product and supporting software.
  • [C-CC-14] MUST provide 10x units for validation and regression testing.
  • [C-CC-15] MUST have a license identifiable using SPDX.
  • [C-CC-16] MUST have an Mbed Partner Agreement.

Technical Requirements

Class: Baseline

This set of requirements aims at ultra-constrained devices.

  • [C-DR] Component Drivers
    • [C-DR-1] MUST provide driver libraries for all hardware elements available on the component. Libraries must be publicly available.
    • [C-DR-2] MUST use Mbed OS Driver APIs for peripheral GPIO, SPI, I2C, UART, AnalogIn, PWM functionality.
  • [C-TC] Toolchain Compilers

Class: Advanced

This set of requirements builds on top of Baseline and aims at constrained devices.

  • [C-ST] Storage
    • [C-ST-1] MUST provide storage and implement BlockDevice driver if provided by hardware (specification & porting).
  • [C-BT] Non-IP Connectivity – Bluetooth Low Energy
    • [C-BT-1] MUST implement Mbed OS BLE APIs, if own BLE stack is provided, and functionality covering the BLE 4.0 or higher stack capabilities.
    • [C-BT-2] MUST implement a BLE HCI driver for Cordio BLE stack, if own BLE stack is not provided, and functionality covering the BLE controller capabilities, but no less than BLE 4.0 standard.
  • [C-LR] Non-IP Connectivity – LoRa
  • [C-ET] IP Connectivity – Ethernet (IPv4 & IPv6)
  • [C-WF] IP Connectivity – WiFI (IPv4 & IPv6)
  • [C-1M] IP Connectivity – 15.4 MAC (6LoWPAN/IPv6)
  • [C-1R] IP Connectivity – 15.4 RF (6LoWPAN/IPv6)
  • [C-CL] IP Connectivity – Cellular
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