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CellularBase power down sequence

11 Sep 2018

In CellularBase.cpp : void UbloxCellularBase::power_down() function, it first uses the AT+CPWROFF command to cleanly shut down. It is my understanding that this is equivalent to holding the power button for > 1 second.

However, in the function it proceeds to call modem_power_down(), which would do the same as AT+CPWROFF, correct?

With this implementation, the CPWROFF command is shutting my modem down, then the modem_power_down() function is called which pressed the power button for 2 seconds. This actually turns the modem back on, since it was already off via CPWROFF

12 Sep 2018

Hi Curt, Thanks for raising the issue. Let us reproduce the problem here and we will come back to you. While can you mention the C030 variant you are using ?

regards, Fahim

12 Sep 2018

I'm actually using custom hardware

I guess the important part is that modem_power_down() implementation is asserting the LARA-R202 PWR_KEY low for 2 seconds (>1s according to spec)

13 Sep 2018

Hi Curt, Power down sequence is corrected now. You can update "ublox-cellular-base" and check again if problem still exists. Thanks.

13 Sep 2018

Perfect, this change looks good, and solved the problem on my board.