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When BLE API support GATT Client?

20 May 2014

Apple ANCS is a hot, i think our device also want support it.

I know current BLE API not support GATT Client. But i want to know any road map or schedule to support it?

As a mbed beginner. Could someone provide some guideline or advise? we may build such API easier? Thanks.

20 May 2014

Hi Gordon,

In principle, most of the functionality required for the GATT Client is already implemented in the S110 soft device. The header file for accessing the necessary functions is already provided in the mbed code base: In principle you could access the GATTC functionality through this, however it would be very difficult to do so without access to the example libraries and code from Nordic provided in the regular NRF51822 SDK, so if you consider ANCS an important feature for your product I think you would be well-advised to get hold of the regular SDK to see how it is implemented (there is an ANCS example already in the regular SDK).

Realistically at this point I consider the regular Nordic SDK to be more robust for deployment in commercial products, the mbed BLE API still has a lot of rough edges (for example with regards to power consumption).

Cheers, Janek

20 May 2014

Dear Janek,

Thank you very much. It is very valuable information. I also studying Nordic SDK and their ANCS sample code. I don't know nordic lib already included mbed lib. ;-)

You are right, Nordic and TI should be the first choice on the market. Just their product price very high. But anyway, i need build a workable prototype first, nordic come first. ;-)

25 Sep 2014


I'm interested in this aspect. Does anyone have any sample code on how a BLE device can advertise itself correct via GATT to an Android or iOs device?

26 Sep 2014


On mbed, a expert already wrote a POC sample code.

26 Sep 2014


Thank you. That seems to support ANCS. Is ANCS protocol interchangeable with that of a GATT Server?

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