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Support for SX1262 in LoRaWAN Stack

25 Apr 2018


We're considering a LoRaWAN end-device and currently investigating options for the transceiver.

The Mbed OS 5.8 LoRaWAN stack supports the SX1276 'out of the box'.

Are there any plans for adding support for the SX1262.

I found SX126xLib but haven't yet tried to do anything with it.

I got some development boards but they are all SX127x based so if we were to select an SX1262 if would feel like a leap into the dark.

Time scales for our project are not that generous so and hence I don't want to add too much risk by selecting a bleeding-edge part.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


25 Apr 2018

Hi Matt!

You can use the LoRa community support for these questions: go to

Regards, MV

26 Apr 2018

I have now joined the LoRa community, thanks! Matt