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Impliment MQTT on top of TCP/IP using SIM800

15 Dec 2017

Hello I want to publish some data(dummy) on server over MQTT protocol through SIM800 GSM/GPRS module. I am using TM4C123GXL-Launchpad.i send AT commands to GSM module using uart of TM4C123 controller and creat TCP socket using following AT command send using uart AT AT+CSTT='BSNLNET",","" AT+CIICR AT+CIFSR AT+CIPSTART="TCP","","1883" AT+CIPSEND socket creat sucessfully. now i want to implement MQTT protocol on top of TCP/IP

please help how implement MQTT on top of TCP/IP

19 Dec 2017

Here is the MQTT Example :

If you are using a different connectivity module you will need to either find a library for it or write a library for it that impliments the networking spec so the MQTT library can then use it.