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Can you debug with CMSIS-DAP on the LPC1768 - how do you use it, and how does it perform?

11 Apr 2017

Drag-n-drop programming from the cloud compiler is very convenient - for simple projects and getting new users started. And it is fast - typically taking only some seconds to download and then reset the module. But here, printf is your friend, and often your only friend, (supplemented somewhat by the LEDs).

CMSIS-DAP , in firmware 141212, appears to offer a lot more capability for programming, break-points, single-step, register access and more.

From my side, using Win7 and now Win10, I have struggled mightily to find a scenario that works - and I haven't found a combination that is "usable". One collection of tools took about 3 minutes to successfully download and run "blinky".

Focusing on the LPC1768 module

  • What PC toolset are you using [compiler, debugger s/w, driver combinations, etc]?
  • What is the performance you see [how long to program, how responsive is it when stepping]?
  • Is there a setup/configuration guide that you followed?

Other modules If you are using a different mbed module, and perhaps with an external debug tool, can you similarly share your experience?

  • What module?
  • What debugging tool?

Replicated this to the forum for improved visibility. Please follow up there.