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LPC_1768 downloading

04 Jan 2016

Hi I am using keil c51 has IDE. I am unable to load the program to the processor..I am using NGX-JTAG has debugger....the error popping is Flash error failed...adapter failed.. Please someone explain this....

thanks advance

06 Jan 2016

Hello Praveen. Please confirm the tools you are using. If you are indeed using the Keil C51 toolchain then that is the issue. The LPC1768 is the ARM Cortex CPU architecture and NOT C51 (ie. 8051 series). The LPC can spin circles around most 8051 devices. You will need to download a different version of the toolchain from Keil to support your target CPU (Cortex CPUs). Respectively, the C51 toolchain will not have any knowledge of the LPC1768 architecture.