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Results with the latest J-Link IF and Mac OS X Yosemite

18 Mar 2015


Downloaded the latest J-Link IF for the nRF51-DK (released today) with anticipation from here:

Also have downloaded the latest mbed IF for the same platform from the platform page. When loaded, it contains an mbed.htm file with the following second line to denote its version:

<!-- Version: 0218 Build: Feb 19 2015 15:30:34 Git Commit SHA: 1fdb49fb723846872f34c7dc2c87c44cb590ad65 Git local mods:No-->

I tried switching back and forth between these two IF .bin files from my Mac, running the latest version of OS X (in fact, it's a pre-release seed for Yosemite 10.10.3, just released today :-) with the following results.

  • For the J-Link IF, I can successfully load the .bin file via both methods: drag-and-drop using the Finder, and from the command line using Sam's script (executed from the directory containing the .bin):

cp -X nrf51822aa_atsam3u2c_if_mbed_V0218_19022015.bin  /Volumes/BOOTLOADER/
  • For the mbed IF, only the command line copy works. Drag and drop copies the file to the platform device, closes the USB volume, but then won't enumerate and remount as the "MBED" volume.

Is this the expected behavior? If so, I presume whatever was done to the J-Link IF to get it to work with Finder copies needs to be done with the MBED IF. Correct? ETA?

Thanks for all the good work folks!

Mike (who's happy not to have to be switching in and out of a Win7 VM with Parallels :-)