The nRF51822-mKIT is a low cost ARM mbed enabled development board for Bluetooth® Smart designs with the nRF51822 SoC. The kit gives access to all GPIO pins via pin headers …

Does the mKit work with the nRF51-SDK examples?

06 May 2014

I compiled the blinky_example(use GCC toolchain) and program the hex file by the CMIS-DAP interface, but the LEDs are not blinky.

06 May 2014

keil compiled hex file seems work fine.

06 May 2014

After peeking the patch for CMSIS-DAP by Nordic, I figure out the interface doesn't suppport the hex format generated by GCC. But it's easy to change the GCC generated hex file to be supported by Nordic CMSIS-DAP interface. It works fine for me now.

04 Jun 2014

I'm posting this here, and privately to you MeiHui FAN, sorry for the spam....

Hi, I saw that you were able to use GCC to create a hex file that runs on the nrf51822 mbed. I'm writing an mbed exporter for GCC ARM for nrf51822. You can view the pull request here: I'm able to successfully export, run make, generate a hex file, and concatenate the hex file with the s110 softdevice, but when I run the hex file on the nrf51822 mbed it does not do anything. It looks like you were able to successfully solve this problem.

So I have a few questions for you:

1. Where did you see this openocd nrf51822 patch? URLs and specific files would be most helpful

2. What did you do to change the GCC generated hex to be compatible with CMSIS-DAP? Exact command line used or URL to documentation would be great.

3. Any other information that you have that you think could help me to solve this problem would be very much appreciated.

In the pull request you can see all the steps I have taken, and your help in getting the hex file to run correctly would be invaluable.

Thanks for your time.


05 Jul 2014

I'm pretty interested in this workflow s well (programing nRF51822-mkit via openocd). There may be others I suppose. Details of your progress posted here would be grand.

Thanks in advance for any help.


05 Jul 2014

It would be nice if whole development (IDE / Compile / Debug) can use open source tools. ;-)

08 Jul 2014

Here's a CMakeLists.txt file I use to build my BLE demos using offline tools. It describes the include-directories, compiler flags, sources, and the process of combining the application with the soft-device hex file to create a single image. I have access to the ARMCC toolchain; but you should be able to replicate the same with any open-source ARM toolchain.

All the best.

18 Jul 2014

Im still really new to this all, and coming from a atmel studio background. I was curious in what way the codes are compatible. Does mbed make use of a lot of closed libraries? ultimately i want to avoid the whole thing as i dont enjoy using online tools as much.

How did you end up solving it MeiHui FAN ? what did you change in Keil?

Thanks in advance!


14 Feb 2015
13 Nov 2015

The trick to run GCC generated hex on the mkit is to use mergehex to merge your GCC hex file with the corresponding SXXX Nordic Soft Device. You have to merge your GCC created HEX file with the Nordic Softdevice HEX file.

For instance, (C:\Nordic Semiconductor\nrf51\bin>mergehex -m ble_app_hrs_s110_xxaa.hex s110_nrf 51822_7.0.0_softdevice.hex -o result.hex) You should be able to flash the "result.hex" by drag & drop to the mbed flash drive.