The Freedom-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs.

FRDM-K64 Lua

16 Dec 2014

The following link is a FRDM-K64 project that embeds the latest Lua 5.2.3 code into the CMSIS MBED environment. It is meant to be a 'quick and dirty' reference design bringing a working Lua interpreter onto the K64 platform. As such, one should have an sd-card with the helloscript.lua (contained in the top-level folder of the project) copied to it. The code initially askes for a date string to demonstrate putting acceleration data (with time stamps) onto the sd-card into a file called acceldata.txt. It then calls the lua interpreter through a simple binding routine (simple_lua(L)). I could not get the stock fgets stream input functionality to work so I wrote a very simple line input stream utility (do_lua_getstring(char * b)) to stream the input line data to the lua interpreter. I have not done much testing but the basic stock lua stuff seems to work fine. I found it easier to develop the project by downloading an MBED project environment (with and sdcard file system environment) into Kinetis Design Studio (as a gcc make project) and debug there. I use a JLink debugger for advanced debugging/troubleshooting. The project compiled fine with the stock luaconf.h configuration but I have a sinle float configuration loaded in this project. Software double float (usual configuration for Lua) however works just fine. I hope that this project is useful to others and shows that this platform is powerful enough for rather advanced environments. By the way, you will need to change the tool path setting in the top-level Makefile to the location of your path to compile. I have found the best results with the linaro bare-metal tool chains.


17 Dec 2014

Really interesting. Thanks.